The Best Way To Keep The Ants In Bryan At Bay

big headed ants on a scrap of food

Ants are nuisance pests that can quickly multiply until you have a full-blown infestation. For quick and easy pest control in Bryan, contact our expert team at Entec Pest Management. We'll be happy to provide you with expert ant pest control services at a fair price.

The Many Types Of Ants That Can Be Found In Bryan

Here in Bryan, there are all sorts of different types of ants that you can find. Some of the most common types of ants found in this area include carpenter ants, sugar ants, and fire ants. 

Sugar ants are the species Camponotus consobrinus. They come in different colors depending on whether they are male or female. Male sugar ants are usually completely black, and female worker ants are usually orange. Fire ants, on the other hand, can be anywhere between reddish-brown to reddish-black in color. These ants also have a stinger and typically live in soil mounds with the queen ant and the rest of the colony. Fire ant control is often requested more than sugar ant control or carpenter ant control in Bryan since fire ants can sting, and said bites can lead to an allergic reaction in many individuals. 

Then, there are carpenter ants. These ants are usually black, but they can also be red, brown, or a combination of black and red. Carpenter ants get their name from the way they build nests. They unearth wood and form smooth tunnels inside of it. Many mistakenly believe that carpenter ants eat wood, but this is not true. Instead, carpenter ants only tunnel and chew through wood to create nests.                                                                       

Can Ants In My Home Make Me Sick?

If for no other reason, consider ant control in your house to prevent yourself or your loved ones from getting sick. Some believe that ants are too small to cause any real damage or harm, but it's proven that an ant infestation can make you and your loved ones sick. Ants contaminate food with their bacteria, which then makes you sick with a foodborne illness. Ants can make you sick with clostridium, strep and E. coli infections, shigella, salmonellosis, staph infections, and other illnesses. Those who have complications related to their immune systems, children, and elderly people are all most likely to develop an illness spread from ants. 

Why Home Remedies For Ants Don't Work

Although many people online like to advocate for home remedies and do-it-yourself tips, the truth is that home remedies for ant removal simply don't work. For example, when trying to remove fire ants on your own, many home remedies will list tips that completely disregard queen ants. Queen fire ants, however, must be eliminated in order for you to be successful. Any home remedy that ignores this fact will fail, as the queen will continue to lay almost 1,000 eggs per day. 

Other home remedies will list toxic ant control solutions as a way to get rid of sugar ants, carpenter ants, or fire ants. These methods are incredibly dangerous for a variety of reasons. They can be flammable, kill grass, and pollute the area nearby. Even more commonly, home remedies will fail because the homeowner who is following the remedy will miss a crucial step. For example, a misplaced trap or a trap with the wrong type of bait is more likely to fail than to kill any more than a handful of ants. 

If you need to get rid of ants, don't hesitate to contact the experts for help and clear, effective results. Effective ant control for homeowners is best left to the professionals.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home For Good

If ants are invading your Bryan home, don't fall for a failed home remedy or similar gimmicky tricks. Instead, call our team for effective ant control that you can trust. Our team is always working toward making Entec the best pest control company to work for in Texas, and we hope that providing quality service to customers in Bryan will make us one step closer to achieving that goal. There's no one we care about more than our valued customers and our appreciated technicians. 

Don't delay and give us a call today! Remember to ask for a free inspection or estimate, and we'll be ready to help set something up for you.