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Smithville is a small but mighty city that overlooks the Colorado River. Its natural features make Smithville an appealing place to live or visit. This city has a thriving local business scene as well that includes cafes, art centers, museums, restaurants, and everything in between. Residents of Smithville also benefit from a well-regarded public school system, so it really does offer the best of all worlds. 

When pest problems appear at your door, you need reliable pest control in Smithville, TX, that’s performed by a pest professional. At Entec Pest Management, we have been providing effective pest control services since 1995. Our customers continue to entrust their safety to us because we genuinely care about the work that we do. We also use the highest quality products, guarantee the results, and are upfront about everything that we find and do. If you’re ready to start protecting yourself from pests, we’re here to help. Give us a call today to schedule your no-obligation inspection!

Residential Pest Control In Smithville

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 Whether you find the signs of pests in your home or spot the intruders directly, professional home pest control in Smithville, TX, is the best solution. At Entec Pest Management, we have been working with local homeowners for more than 25 years. Our services are performed by expert technicians and we always use the very best products and methods. When you partner with us, you’ll find that we are exceptionally honest in everything that we do, and all of our quarterly customers benefit from pest-free guarantees as well. 

We offer home pest control either on a one-time basis or quarterly schedule depending on your needs. If you enroll in our home program, you’ll benefit from protective services as well. The treatments we perform tend to both the inside and outside of your home, touching areas such as cabinets, baseboards, and entry points for total protection. We also offer flea and termite control when you need extra help. Call us to schedule your no-obligation inspection!

Commercial Pest Control In Smithville

At Entec Pest Management, we specialize in commercial pest control in Smithville, TX, that is completely personalized to your specific needs. We have been the community’s trusted source for pest solutions since 1995 and we continue to deliver 100% effective work today. Our work is driven by a commitment to integrity and honesty. We believe in collaborating with our customers and will always be upfront with you about our findings and practices. 

Each of our customers has different needs, so we employ a variety of innovative technologies and products when treating properties. This emphasis on individuality means that we can work with a variety of industries, such as retail, education, hospitality, and more. Each time we visit your business, you can expect a complete property evaluation. This will allow us to check for pest activity, monitor treatment success, and adapt to any new developments. For the best results, we suggest setting up a maintenance schedule. Call us today for more information.

What Types Of Stinging Insects Live In Smithville?

There are several different types of stinging insects in Smithville that residents may encounter, each of which comes with its own unique concerns. Some of those pests include:

  • Wasps: These narrow-waisted pests are black and yellow in color and have a hairless body. They may construct nests that are located in the ground, high up in trees, or attached to buildings. Be wary of these pests, as they can sting people repeatedly if they feel threatened. 

  • Bees: Bees are easy to spot, given their tube-shaped, fuzzy bodies. They are crucial pollinators and are often docile. While they are less likely to sting than some other stinging insects, people should still steer clear of them. 

  • Mud daubers: The mud dauber is a type of wasp that is very slender, even more so than a typical wasp. They are primarily black but have yellow markings around their bodies. They are also solitary pests that don’t utilize colonies.

For complete stinging insect protection, call Entec Pest Management. 

How Rodents Access Smithville Homes

Rodents are masters of getting inside of Smithville homes. They are able to fit through openings that are no bigger than the size of a pen cap, in the case of mice. Rats are also able to fit through very tight openings, which is how both types of rodents are able to gain access. Given that rats are very good climbers, they are likely to scale trees that come into contact with a home and use them as a bridge for entrance. This gives rats easy access to crawl spaces, attics, and second floors. Depending on the species, they may also climb roofs or even use sewer systems. Mice can slip through almost any flaw that they find, whether that entails a gap around utility pipes or uneven bulkhead doors. 

Both types of rodents can also take advantage of doors, garages, and windows that people may leave open and unattended, as simple as that may seem. For more information on rodent control, call Entec Pest Management.

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