Gentle Bee Removal For Bryan Homes

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Bees are one of the trickier pests to remove from homes, for obvious reasons. Other pest insects can be challenging to locate, difficult to reach, and hard to keep away. Bees, however, offer other challenges as well. Due to their ability to fly, they can place their nests in high, hard-to-reach areas that can place you at risk even just trying to reach them. Further, bees join wasps in being very protective of their nests and hives. Any threat can provoke an immediate and severe reaction as bees swarm to protect themselves. The unhappy result can be stings and potential severe allergic reactions. 

Bee control should be left to the professionals. Trying to take them on yourself can subject you to injurious falls or painful stings. Pest control for bees is a specialty of Entec Pest Management Inc. professionals, who know how to control bees safety and effectively. Call us today, and let us be your Bryan pest control experts.

The Very Important Role Bees Play In Our Environment

Bees make honey, and in order to do so must get nectar from a variety of plants and flowers. As they move from flower to flower, they transfer pollen from one flower to another, helping to pollinate them and assisting in plant reproduction. Bees are considered one of the most important sources for pollination on the planet, and many scientists recognize them as being irreplaceable in that role.

Bees are great at pollinating, but they are not fun to share your house with. When you need a bee control service in town, Entec Pest Management Inc. stands ready to help you with bees. All it takes is a quick phone call to get us on your side.

Why You Don't Want Bees Hanging Around Your Yard

There are three primary reasons you don’t want to have bees sharing your yard with you:

  1. They are annoying. It is hard to enjoy your yard with bees constantly buzzing around you, which can be alarming for many.

  2. They pose a risk of stings. Bee stings are venomous and painful. Some individuals can have a severe reaction to them as well, possibly leading to hospitalization.

  3. Bees can also sting your children and pets. Both children and pets are naturally curious and are often the first ones stung.

For the best bee pest control near you, call Entec Pest Management Inc. and let us help you get bees out of your house.

Four Environmentally-Friendly Bee Prevention Tips

Here are four eco-friendly ways to discourage bees from moving in and staying:

  1. Keep your yard debris-free. Debris piles are very attractive to bees for home building. Keeping debris cleaned reduces their housing opportunities.

  2. Keep outside garbage sealed. Bees can be highly attracted to garbage because they can find many sweet things to consume. Sealing garbage reduces food opportunities. 

  3. Be careful with bird feeders. Hummingbird feeders are as attractive to bees as they are to the birds themselves. Minimize the number of feeders.

  4. Be considerate of plantings. The more flowering, bee-attracting plants you put in your yard, the more likely you’ll attract bees. Choose plants that don’t attract bees.

Finally, if you need bee control in Bryan, contact Entec Pest Management Inc. today. We have a long history of helping residents with bees, and we can help you.

The Right Way To Deal With Bees In Bryan

If you discover bees on your Bryan property, it is best not to try to handle them on your own. Doing so can lead to many stings and a lot of regrets. Instead of trying DIY bee pest control, contact Entec Pest Management Inc. We are well-seasoned with all bee infestations and treatments, and we can help you get bees out of your house once and for all.

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